Send me some letters!
a: have you ever smoked weed? If yes, tell us the craziest thing you've done while high.
b: what's your favorite restaurant? do you get the same thing every time you go?
c: biggest insecurity?
d: any pets? tell us about them!
e: name 5 things you dislike about yourself and 5 things you like about yourself
f: ever been to a foreign country? If not, where do you want to go most?
g: what are 5 objects that you can grab right now?
h: 3 bad habits?
i: yes or no: you've done something illegal. (brave ones will say what!)
j: what does the last text message you received say?
k: what does the last text message you sent say?
l: is there one thing that always makes you laugh?
m: 3 things you hope happen before summer ends?
n: 5 turn offs
o: 5 turn ons
p: smash or pass the person who sends this to you
q: quote your favorite song lyric
r: what's the one item you treasure te most?
s: spit or swallow?
t: tell us the story of _____
u: favorite thing about yourself?
v: are you a virgin?
w: what do you think about young love?
x: one x-rated thing you would do with {insert url or celebrity here}
y: one person you really admire and why?
z: what time do you usually go to bed?
@: last time you touched your private parts?
;): Guys, last time you masturbated? How often do you masturbate? Girls, have you ever masturbated?
: *: ever kissed anyone of the same sex?
!!: something we'd find surprising about you?
%: do you still talk to the last person you kissed?
+: would you rather cuddle or spoon?